Kortext heads to fresher’s fairs to help students save money on textbooks

The people in purple are coming to a campus near you! As university fresher’s fairs around the UK get underway, keep your eyes peeled for a flash of purple because Kortext is hitting the road to help students across the country to save money on textbooks.

Supporting student cost of living

The student cost of living crisis is real. According to UUK, 50% of students are worried about whether they can afford to continue their studies. This means buying vital course books will be tough!

University libraries play a critical role in student success and are dedicated to meeting the needs of their students. But with library books often in limited supply – especially around exam season – university book shops disappearing fast, and many students simply preferring to own their own copies of key study materials, students are looking to other ways of accessing their textbooks. Some are purchasing second hand, only to find out their edition is out of date, while others are counting their coins and heading online to find the best deals – and that’s where we can help.

New programme offers big textbook savings

At Kortext, we’ve got an exciting programme underway to help students (who are looking to buy instead of borrow) to save money on textbooks.

We’ve recruited a team of eager Brand Ambassadors from 50 UK universities to spread the word about Kortext’s online store – offering the latest digital textbooks at highly competitive prices, plus all the fantastic study benefits of reading through the Kortext Arcturus platform, like interactive learning tools and accessibility features that aren’t available with print books.

Image shows Kortext store that offers savings on textbooks for students

Our Brands Ambassadors’ first exciting mission is to don their purple t-shirts and head to their university’s fresher’s fair! Supported by members of the Kortext team, ambassadors will meet their fellow students, show them how Kortext helps them to learn without limits and – most importantly – offer their peers substantial, limited-time discounts on all store purchases.

Kortext's purple Brand Ambassador t-shirts

Meaningful textbook discounts

By sharing meaningful eBook discounts, we can significantly cut the cost of purchasing course materials for students across the UK. The way we see it, whether a student is purchasing out of necessity or preference, if they’re going to buy, why not choose the cheaper, more sustainable option and go digital?

Head to the Kortext store today to check it out for yourself and remember, if you spot our people in purple at the fresher’s fair, be sure to pop by, say hello and scan them for extra discount on course books!