ASPIRE awards Kortext

Kortext is awarded a gold standard 100% ASPIREreview score for accessibility

UK-based eTextbook and learning-platform provider, Kortext, has achieved a 100% gold ASPIREscore for their accessibility statement. ASPIRE provides an external verification system and ranking for learning platforms and publishers on the basis of their accessibility. Kortext has been a supporter of the ASPIRE project since its inception in 2018 and won an excellence award at the inaugural ASPIRE awards in 2019. Kortext has demonstrated a commitment to delivering accessible learning solutions and supporting the entire student population from its outset. 

Kortext was one of the highest-ranked aggregated platforms at the last ASPIRE audit in 2018 and is now ranked joint first. ASPIRE comments: “Kortext’s continued commitment to accessibility is reflected in their investment in their ebook platform and the user-focused information provided within their statement.” 

According to UK Government statistics, at least 1 in 5 people in the UK have a long-term illness, impairment, or disability. Many more have a temporary disability. Kortext has always strived to provide equity of access. Kortext notes that it is “committed to providing rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of all.” Kortext provides a number of accessibility features including the following:

  • Convert text to speech with Read Aloud on App readers
  • Change font and size to suit user needs in the book text in ereaders
  • For the library view use the browser zoom feature to zoom
  • Line spacing, margin width and text justification to help differing reading needs and those with poor eyesight for ePUB files
  • Page numbers in margin for ease of navigation
  • Kortext provides alternative text for images when supplied by the publisher and keyboard only input for select functionality 

Kortext conforms to level AA of the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG2.1. and regularly modifies its content to meet updated guidelines. Kortext also has an accessibility support team, and welcomes user feedback to further optimise accessibility. Read more about Kortext’s accessibility here:

As one of the first major platforms to achieve a 100% ASPIREreview score, Kortext is helping universities to meet legal public sector accessibility regulations, and is paving the way for accessibility in online learning. 

Using Kortext allows Universities to comply with the new digital accessibility laws brought in by the UK and European Governments on the 22nd of September and be ready for June 2021 where all of their digital data and platforms need to be accessible.

Read ASPIRE’s full report here: