Sir Tim OShea Image

Introducing: An Audience With…

We are pleased to introduce ‘An Audience With…’, which will be a range of interviews based upon the future of teaching and learning.

Beginning our series is educational pioneer and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, Sir Tim O’Shea. 

Back in March, we welcomed Sir Tim to the Kortext family as an Academic Advisor to advise on strategy and policy. 

Sir Tim has been at the forefront of Higher Education’s technological advances since the early 1970’s.  

He notably founded and led the Open University’s digital learning capabilities for over 19 years, and more recently positioned Edinburgh as the UK’s strongest university in the domain of online learning.

It goes without saying that his years of experience within the academic sphere and subsequently vast knowledge, it felt only appropriate for Sir Tim to lead the way. 

That said, we introduce to you, An Audience with… Sir Tim O’Shea.