Kortext and AMBA renew partnership

Innovation and excellence: Kortext and AMBA’s renewed partnership

Kortext is delighted to announce that, for the third year running, we have renewed our partnership with the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

The changing MBA landscape

The AMBA-accredited network encompasses 294 business schools across 70 countries.

The latest AMBA research on enrolment and application found that almost two thirds (64%) of programmes worldwide were delivered in a part-time format, followed by full-time (21%) and modular delivery (15%).

It also highlighted a global trend towards hybrid learning: in 2020, just 13% of MBA programmes planned to use a blended delivery method, but by 2021, this figure had risen to 19%.

These results indicate learners increasingly favouring flexible hybrid delivery methods, with a need for digital learning resources accessible on demand, as facilitated by Kortext.

Excellence in business education

AMBA has been at the forefront of excellence in business education since 1967, pioneering innovation for over 50 years.

It is committed to raising the profile and quality standards of postgraduate management education internationally for the benefit of Business Schools, students, employers, communities and society.

AMBA accreditation is the global standard for all MBA, DBA and Master’s degrees, with AMBA currently accrediting programmes from the top 2% of Business Schools worldwide.

Kortext is proud to be aligned with a leading authority on business education. By partnering with AMBA, we better understand the challenges faced by Business Schools across the globe.

Accordingly, we are headline sponsors of the AMBA & BGA Global Deans and Directors Conference 2024 where we look forward to engaging in conversations with delegates from around the world.

Kortext shares AMBA’s commitment to fostering innovation in teaching and learning; we celebrate game-changing creativity by sponsoring the Best Innovation Strategy Award at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards and Gala Dinner 2024.

Enhanced learning environments

Kortext’s digital learning solutions support the trend in global postgraduate management education towards flexible hybrid learning.

We enable students to study anytime, anywhere with perpetual access to prescribed eTextbooks, plus over 400 additional books from the Pearson Professional Collection. In addition, our smart study platform is enhanced by GPT-powered AI study tools that only use institution-approved sources.

Kortext works successfully with many AMBA-accredited Business Schools, such as the University of Southampton, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, and ESMT Berlin, to provide enhanced learning environments for improved student engagement and outcomes.

“In renewing its partnership with the Association of MBAs, Kortext reaffirms its commitment to fostering excellence in business education. Together, they illuminate the path to knowledge, unlocking a world of opportunities for aspiring business leaders. Embracing innovation and collaboration, this renewed alliance not only empowers minds but also develops a community committed to shaping the future of business for the better.” Robin Gibson, Director of External Affairs, Kortext.

“We’re extremely pleased that Kortext have decided to renew their partnership with AMBA & BGA. Through partnerships like this, with providers dedicated to supporting the business school world, we can continue to help schools push the envelope when it comes to innovation and digitalisation. We look forward to continuing to work with Kortext over the coming year to support all business schools globally.” Andrew Main Wilson, CEO, AMBA & BGA.

To find out more how Kortext’s innovative digital learning solutions support business education worldwide, tap here.