Policy paper: Provide or punish?

Students’ views on generative AI in higher education

Since ChatGPT was released on 30 November 2022, there has been an explosion of interest in generative AI. These tools have begun to shape the higher education sector. Yet, students’ attitudes to the technology are not well understood. This policy paper, based on a HEPI/UCAS survey of 1,250 undergraduate students, explores the growing influence of generative AI on higher education.  

In this policy paper, expect to find:
  • How students are using generative AI in an academic context.
  • Students’ understanding of ‘hallucinations’ and the reliability of information generated.
  • The emerging digital divide in AI use between students from most and least privileged backgrounds.
  • Students’ perceptions of university policies on usage of AI tools in assessments. 
  • What students want their institutions to provide. 
  • How students expect to use AI after they finish their studies.
  • HEPI conclusions and recommendations on how universities and policy makers should approach generative AI, now and in the future.

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