Kortext Student Ambassador Case Study

Student Ambassador

Kortext launched a pilot Student Ambassador Programme in partnership with the University of Birmingham library team in March 2021.

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university of manchester case study

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester partnered with Kortext in a shift towards digital learning and to address access issues, especially for large cohorts where print provision couldn’t meet demand.

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university of plymouth case study image

University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth partnered with Kortext in a move towards a more collaborative learning environment with the main focus on recruitment, retention and progression.

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middlesex university case study

Middlesex University

Middlesex University formed a partnership with Kortext to support the diverse student population and add value to the education of new and continuing students.

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BUV Graduation

British University Vietnam

A deciding factor for BUV when selecting the Kortext solution was the depth of analytics that were provided on student engagement and interaction with their content.

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Toulouse Business School Building and Logo

Toulouse Business School

The extraordinary ability of Kortext to deal with publishers and design a user-friendly reader has been a key determinant in the decision-making process.

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