Kortext Arcturus logo: what's in a name?

Kortext Arcturus: the story behind the name

This month, we were excited to launch Kortext Arcturus, our re-engineered student learning content and engagement platform – fast, secure, intuitive and unlimited.

But we’re sure you’re all wondering…

Why Arcturus?

At Kortext, we’re all about empowering universities to educate the next generation of difference makers through our platform – producing the shining stars of the future.

So, what better way to name our platform than after the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere!

Arcturus (pronounced ‘Arc-TUR-us’) is a beacon of light in the night sky, shining 100 times brighter than the sun. From the Greek meaning ‘guardian of the bear’ (due to its close proximity to Ursa Major, known as the Great Bear), Arcturus is a symbol of strength whose power was once believed to have driven the Great Bear across the sky.

Like the star, the Kortext Arcturus platform is strong and powerful – the driving force behind a host of products and functionality that not only encourages students to shine, but also inspires them to shine the brightest!

To discover more about the Kortext Arcturus platform, be sure to visit our launch site.