Awarded Gold Status

Kortext has been awarded gold status and achieved a 100% ASPIREreview score for accessibility.

24/7 Accessibility Support

We are continually working to maintain the accessibility of the Kortext platform. If you experience any problems or have any queries with accessibility, please email us at or, alternatively, please call us on 01202 551203 where a member of our team can put you in contact with someone who can help. We will aim to respond to you within 24 business hours.

Our site is monitored for accessibility and usability. We will make updates and developments on the site to keep it in line with guidelines.

The Kortext Accessibility Commitment

Kortext is committed to providing rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of all, making our platform truly accessible.

We are committed to working with our users to provide the best possible experience. As a minimum, all our content aims to conform to level AA of the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG2.1. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities. Conformance with these guidelines also makes web content more user friendly for all people.

ASPIRE Gold Award badge for accessibility

Digital Rights Management Content

The Kortext Reader software contains software code used for performing operations on content protected by Digital Rights Management (‘DRM Content’). You agree not to perform any actions that are intended to subvert DRM Content protections.

The Kortext Reader stores and transmits information regarding your usage of DRM Content to Adobe as part of providing content protection. This information may include the time period in which you read a given book, the last page number you read, and other relevant information.

The Kortext platform can provide DRM free content via the platform. The way of identifying that a piece of content is DRM free is that there are no restrictions on copying or printing in the ereaders’ information toolbar.

If you are a learning provider and require a DRM-free copy of a textbook for a disabled student whose needs aren't met by our online platform, please email us at or, alternatively, call us on 01202 551203 where a member of our team can put you in contact with someone who can help. We will aim to respond to you within 24 business hours.

Accessibility Features

Kortext is committed to providing an excellent accessibility experience. These features are available to use across our content online and on downloaded content. To maximise the accessibility features for the readers we recommend using our App readers (Windows, IOS, MacOS and Android).

Different features will work with different file types that are supplied by publishers. A PDF can be magnified using the zoom tool for example, whereas an ePUB text can be enlarged by changing the font or its size and reflowing the text in the reader screen.

  • Convert text to speech with Read Aloud on our App readers
  • Translate text into over 100 languages with our translation tool
  • Change font style and size to suit user needs in the book text within the eReader
  • For the library view use the browser zoom feature to zoom
  • Line spacing, margin width and text justification to support different reading needs and those with poor eyesight for ePUB files
  • Page numbers in margin for ease of navigation
  • Kortext provides alternative text for images when supplied by the publisher, and keyboard only input for select functionality – see section Quick Keys

You can learn more about our accessibility features by watching the videos below:

Kortext Accessibility from Kortext on Vimeo.


Kortext encourages its partner publishers to supply accessible PDFs and ePUBs through our publisher agreements.

Our readers can display PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 files. The user may also display personal files in these formats in our readers.

Note: In the case of reading personal files in our readers some of our platform accessibility features will only work if they are embedded in your file – an example being image descriptions (alt-text).

Image Descriptions

Kortext adheres to WCAG 2.1 AA for all alt tags and long descriptions on all the images across the site, excluding book covers. Publishers are responsible for supplying the alt tags and image descriptions. In our publisher contracts Kortext encourages all its publishers to supply this content when possible for use.

Where we use images to support content on the page, we use the ‘alt’ text attribute to help you understand what the image displays and its purpose.

Links you find on pages also make use of alternative text within the ‘title’ element. Your screen reader may read this out as part of your custom settings and we will leverage all device capability.

If it is not already available, please email us at or, alternatively, call us on 01202 551203 where a member of our team can put you in contact with someone who can help. We will aim to respond to you within 24 business hours.


Navigational tagging is available across all our content including PDFs and ePUBs (there is some limited usability of hyperlinks on PDFs). We understand that it is imperative that reading order and navigation are accessible for usability and our reading software is set up to do this. All our links are tab-able and all keyboard users and screen readers will read them. Where applicable our navigation is coded with links for a screen reader to find. Users can also benefit from all our built-in tools such as the ‘Bookmark’ panel for structural features.

Our best practices include:

  • Code navigation using link tags
  • The Kortext reader supports the heading structure of EPUB files to facilitate ease of content navigation by the user.
  • Links within an unordered list structure so that a screen reader will read out how many things are in the list to give visually impaired users the most information possible about the contents of the navigation

We recommend using our App Readers for the best navigation. For further information on navigation in our apps please go here.

Screen Reader Capabilities

The Kortext reader will work with a number of screen readers that are available and we are committed to giving the best possible experience on them. If you are sight impaired in any way and use a screen reader, we would like to know your thoughts and feelings about our content and reader by contacting us at

The Kortext web app is tested with NV Access, JAWS, TalkBack and VoiceOver.  Our native apps are tested through the built in reader provided by the respective operating systems.

Web App
OS  Browser Reader
Win10 Desktop IE11/Edge JAWS
Chrome JAWS
Firefox NVDA
Mobile Android Chrome TalkBack
Mobile iOS Safari VoiceOver
Native Apps
OS Native App Reader
Android ANR Native Reader Built In
iOS iOS Native Reader Built In
WinUWP UWP Native Reader Built In

Text to Speech

This is an inbuilt feature on Kortext where the user has the text read to them. It is available on both ePUB and PDF files on our native applications. As an integral part of the platform and learning environment we are continuously looking to improve this feature, please contact us on with your comments.

Instructions on how to use the text to speech feature in the readers can be found in the video above.

Transcripts and alternative text

To make our content accessible to as many people as possible if requested transcripts of all the audio and video content in the book if it is not already available  from the publisher - please contact us if you require this at We strongly encourage all of our content publishers to supply fully accessible files.

Magnification and Reflow

Kortext support magnification and reflow across all its content. All PDFs fully utilise magnification, whereas all our ePUB content uses reflow. Font size adjustment options are available on ePUB only with a preview screen.

In the accessibility information on the book in the bookshelf you will know if the file is an ePUB (use reflow) or PDF (use magnification). You can zoom to the maximum limit of the browser’s capability, in our apps you can zoom to your preference.

Instructions on how to use these features in the readers can be found in our support video for accessibility.

Colours + Contrasts

Every web browser is able to resize the text you view on the screen. You also have the opportunity to set the default font and size used for websites in the browser you use. Please refer to our Quick Keys section for further explanation.

For the Reader Apps font and colours can be changed for ePUB files but not for PDF. Also the background can be changed to night mode or dark sepia tone for different reading conditions. These features are available in the display options.

How to use these features in the readers can be found in the video at the end of Accessibility Features section above.

Reading Options

Reading online through the browser interface can often give a different accessibility experience from downloading a book and reading it in one of our apps. We offer different functionality on PDF and ePUB files depending on whether you are online or off-line. Our ePUB files offer five different contrasts between text and background colours. Here are some of the key features and advantages to online and off-line reading.

Online Reading (requires steady wifi/data connection):
  • Utilises third party accessibility software (read aloud) of user’s choice
  • Pan and zoom features only available on touch screen devices for both PDF and ePUB
  • Uses built-in capabilities of ePUB files for accessibility such as font, size and colour options, however there is limited extra functionality for a PDF
Offline Reading (native device):
  • Portability of the device to use anywhere
  • Pan and zoom features only available on touch screen devices for both PDF and ePUB
  • Utilises third party accessibility software (read aloud) of user’s choice - leveraging device software already installed
  • ePUB features for reading options include change font type, size and colour
  • PDF features include zoom, font colour change and screen orientation

Copying and Printing

All copy and printing guidelines can be found in our terms and conditions page.

You may print and/or copy and paste pages of the Digital Content for your personal, non-commercial use and reference. The Publisher or rights holder in some cases may limit the number of pages that you may print, copy and paste.  In our app eReaders we tell you how many pages you have printed and how many you are allowed to print, this information can be found on the upper right hand margin of the app.

We are open to working with our users and supporting you in your learning journey. Please send your ideas and thoughts to us at

Quick keys:

On PCs you can quickly resize (zoom) the entire screen, including text size, by pressing the Ctrl key with either the – or + keys. You can also hold the Ctrl key and use the scroll button on your mouse if you have one. If you use a Mac, press the Apple Key and the plus or minus keys.

To view more detailed settings for your web browser’s fonts, size and change defaults in:

  • Internet Explorer – open View > Text size
  • Mozilla Firefox – open View > Text size
  • Chrome – open View > Zoom In
  • Safari – open View > Make text bigger

You can change the screen resolution of your device for example:

  • Microsoft Windows – open Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings
  • Apple Macintosh computer – open System Preferences > Displays > Resolution

Your web browser can change the colours of the sites you visit:

  • Internet Explorer – open Tools > Internet Options > General > Colours
  • Mozilla Firefox – open Tools > Options > Content > Colours
  • Chrome – open Chrome > Preferences > Appearance
  • Safari – open Safari > Preferences > Appearance

Some further helpful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+N – new browser window
  • Alt+Home – homepage
  • Backspace – back a page
  • Shift+Backspace – forward a page
  • F6 – place cursor in the browser address bar
  • Alt+F4 – close program
  • Ctrl+W – close current window

For newer browsers supporting tabbed windows:

  • Ctrl+T – open new tab

Licence Terms

Our Licence Terms and Conditions can be found here terms and conditions.


Kortext’s Privacy Policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you acknowledge that Kortext can collect and use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you have not already read the policy please do so.

Kortext does not ask for any personal medical details or history.