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New Connector Enhances KeyLinks and EBSCO Discovery Service™ Integration

KeyLinks and EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) are strengthening their partnership through the recent development of a brand-new connector which will improve the discoverability and accessibility of content for mutual customers.

This deeper connection between the two systems will mean that a greater level of information can be pulled from EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) into KeyLinks, providing increased detail in records on KeyLinks lists. KeyLinks will use the EBSCO Discovery Service™ API to integrate EDS into the KeyLinks reading list management system. This will support library and academic staff as they create and edit their lists in KeyLinks for student use on courses; giving students a greater level of information on the resources recommended by lecturers, which in turn helps to improve their chances of remaining on, and passing, the course.

KeyLinks’ Senior Product Manager, Meghan Mazella says;

We have worked closely with EBSCO to ensure that this integration works seamlessly for the benefit of our user community. This is a very important addition to the range of systems that KeyLinks integrates with.”

EBSCO’s Director of Product Management Mark Allcock says the partnership will improve content workflow for a better user experience.

We know that students achieve higher satisfaction from courses, and are more likely to remain enrolled, when they are able to make the best use of course content. The partnership with KeyLinks will provide simple, accurate access to course content for mutual customers in the discovery process. Tighter integration will enable more content to be easily accessible and discoverable to library users, which will support greater student and faculty satisfaction.”

KeyLinks and EBSCO will continue to work together to improve workflows, efficiencies and access to content for their customers.

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