KeyLinks named University of Hull’s new reading list management system

Fresh from its recent international expansion, KeyLinks has been announced as supplier of the University of Hull’s new reading list management system (RLMS), working in partnership with the institution for the successful provision of reading lists to its circa 15,000 students .
Named one of the top 60 UK universities (2022 Guardian University Rankings), the University of Hull is dedicated in its mission drive for a fairer, brighter and carbon neutral future for all.

KeyLinks’ appointment as the university’s new RLMS is in keeping with the University’s Strategy 2030 which looks to build a more inclusive, empowering and progressive approach in everything they do. With KeyLinks at their fingertips, the University Library and its academics will be able to direct students to the right resources at the right time, enhancing the student experience whilst monitoring usage and response to this course content with KeyLinks’ analytics.

Streamlined user experience

KeyLinks will continue the valuable delivery of reading lists that has become an embedded part of teaching and learning at the university over the past decade. By providing an effective technical platform that integrates with the university’s existing systems, KeyLinks delivers a streamlined user experience to students and staff, connecting content discovery through Summon, reading lists through KeyLinks and access to digital materials through eResources and the Digital Content Store.

Driving students to affordable content

The University Library is also set to benefit from having visibility of reading lists across the institution, re-enforcing the connections between reading list provision and acquiring materials that align with existing library collections. With the student cost of living crisis, and 60% of librarians concerned that their library budgets will not be adequate enough to meet student needs, KeyLinks provides an opportunity for the University of Hull to embed openly available resources into its reading lists and drive students directly to this content alongside its own collections, reducing the financial burden on both the university and its students.

An exciting partnership

Chris Awre, Associate Director (Collections, Learning & Research) at the University of Hull, commented:

Looking ahead to the next decade, KeyLinks is well-placed to support the University Library in combining continued successful provision of reading lists whilst enabling us to further their development in proactively supporting learning and teaching within the university. We look forward to working with Kortext and the growing user community to deliver ongoing success with the KeyLinks digital platform.

Pete Bowles Barrett, KeyLinks’ Customer Experience Manager, said:

We’re very excited to be partnering with the University of Hull to support reading list management and provide a solution that will positively impact teaching and learning. After considerable investment in the system, KeyLinks is now better than it has ever been with improved workflows that save librarians time and money – as a seasoned librarian myself, I understand how important this is. I’m looking forward to a great future with the University of Hull as we work together for the benefit of their students, faculty and library community.

More news from KeyLinks

In other news, KeyLinks recently entered into a new partnership with global institution, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), to support them in the creation of flexible reading lists, managed in one place, putting the library at the centre of teaching learning. Discover more about KeyLinks’ partnership with ARU.

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