The KeyLinks journey

In 2017 Kortext could see how important the relationship between content selected by academic faculty and how students access that content was becoming.

How students accessed content from the VLE and library resources would become key and felt that the reading list management system would be the perfect bridge linking students to the content of most value to their studies. 

By 2018, Kortext had purchased Rebus:list in partnership with the CLA with the sole purpose of creating an affordable reading list management system that every university could utilise to enhance the student experience. 

You may not have heard of KeyLinks but we think you will want to know more! 

KeyLinks is a flexible and dynamic resource list management system offering a value for money solution to all libraries of all sizes throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America.  

In the last 3 years KeyLinks has gone through some major changes and key developments: 

  • Keylinks now provides a flexible, integrated acquisitions engine, which offers purchasing suggestions tailored to your student numbers and library stock. 
  • The relaunch of the enhanced bookmarklet tool enables easy and effective gathering of bibliographic and other resource metadata to add a title or resource to a list, including data from eg WorldCat. 
  • Graphical usage analytics show user and students engagement, and how resources are being used by all stakeholders. 

KeyLinks integrates seamlessly with your Library Management Systems, Discovery Tools, Authentication services and institution systems like the the VLE (such as Moodle, Canvas, or BlackBoard), giving the library control of key communication at the centre of teaching and learning. 

The future development of the KeyLinks system is something in which customers play a key role in driving the product road map. Future plans include further automation, a further improved acquisitions flow and increased student interaction capability. 

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