University of the Future Report
by Amy Donelan

We are passionate about making learning accessible to everyone - wherever they are in the world and helping students from all walks of life achieve more. That’s why Kortext commissioned this report to examine how universities can provide greater value for money and introduce new teaching and learning tools that are tailored to support the individual in achieving success.  

The study identified key areas coined by the students that would significantly boost their satisfaction and overall university experience. We found that almost two thirds of students believed their grades would improve if they had access to the latest course materials and textbooks online. A further 69% stated that if universities provided textbooks as part of their course fees it would represent better value for money.

An initial pilot scheme with Middlesex University’s Business and Law school was the first to provide 20,496 free etextbooks to students. The scheme is estimated to have saved each student £450 over the course of a three year degree.

The shift to digital also enables universities to track the progress of students using analytics. By giving universities access to this feature, lecturers have the opportunity to respond directly to the needs of students and can identify those who may be struggling. But are students comfortable for this to happen? Kortext found that 91% of students would be happy for their lecturer to track their progress week by week if it helped them to achieve better grades and 47% of students also felt their grades would improve if lecturers had the ability to see how well they were doing throughout the course.






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