Top 5 eTextbook Myths
by Amy Donelan

The etextbook vs traditional textbook debate is something that we here at Kortext face on a daily basis. So we thought we would dispel the top 5 etextbook myths.


  1. You can’t print!

Due to copyright rules and regulations, you are unable to print the whole book. However, you are able to print sections or up to a certain number of pages in one chapter.

  1. You have to buy a device or an electronic reader!

You do need to own a compatible device, but you don’t need to buy a new one. Kortext has a full suite of apps that you can choose from - including an online reader.

  1. eTextbooks are bad for your health!

Kortext has an incredible range of accessibility settings to help reduce the effects of reading on screen. Read in night mode, or increase the text size to ease eye strain, or even use our Read Aloud feature to give your eyes a complete rest!

  1. You always need the internet to use them!

When you download the Kortext app to your device you will need to download the book before you read it - which you will need internet for! However, once a book is downloaded it is available to read online and offline. If you create annotations, bookmarks or highlights while in offline mode your device will sync when you are next connected to the internet.

  1. eTextbooks have a low lifespan!

This may be true in some cases as new etextbook editions are much easier to update compared to print. However, once you buy a digital book that etextbook is yours to keep for as long as you wish - the same as a print book!


If you have any more unanswered myths, take a look at our FAQ page for some of our most frequently asked questions. 



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