Top 5 Digital Learning Tools
by Roberta Nicora

To celebrate digital learning day, we thought we would give you some insight into the world of digital learning.

The digital revolution has provided technological advances that has seen unparalleled success in education and learning. Digital learning is any smart tool that can enhance a student’s learning experience. Each year digital learning day is celebrated to increase awareness and encourage discussion about digital learning by reaching out to students.

As mentioned in last week’s blog, the post-millennial learners of the next generation will have the opportunity to experience education in ways that have never been experienced before. But what are they?

Top 5 Digital Learning Tools.

  1.       Virtual Reality Headsets

VR was once used by the military but now they have made the leap over to the classroom. Allowing students to explore the Apollo 11 moon landing first hand or even experience the shipwreck of the Titanic, VR is sure to be one of the most popular digital developments this year. Immersive VR Education is a fully engaging digital learning platform enabling teachers to build their personalised virtual lessons with a range of smart tools. Some of these features include virtual field trips, interactive whiteboards and face to face interviews with experts.

  1.       Canvas

“The VLE that makes teaching and learning easier”

Canvas is a virtual learning education platforms that allows students and teachers alike to access classes, timetables and announcements at a blink of an eye. The platform provides a self-directed learning style that is intuitive and designed with the users in mind. To customize the teaching experience plug-ins can be added via the Canvas app centre.

  1.     Micro:bit

Created by the BBC, the Micro:bit is the next big thing in the coding industry. This small device is mainly used in schools as a simulator to teach children how to code. Some of the smart features include, flashing messages, controlling games and even a motion detector!

  1.      Samsung MagicIWB

"Bring interaction and collaboration to a higher level with Samsung MagiclWB"

The new Samsung MagiclWB provides classrooms with a state of the art interactive whiteboard- perfect for bringing your presentations to life. The Samsung MagiclWB offers a range of new smart features including; inserting memos from other programs, setting exams, inviting attendees and conducting votes, all help to make the classroom experience more interactive than ever.

  1.    Kortext … we did look for someone else!

We are a digital learning platform that provides students with all the key material they require for their course. Students can take our personalised learning platform anywhere with our offline mode via the Kortext apps, or use us online in lectures. Kortext digital learning platform also has smart tools which allow students to create notes, as well as send and receive notes from your groups or friends. With over 400,000 etextbooks available, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

How well will the top 5 digital learning tools meet the needs of a new tech-savvy generation?  We believe that these 5 tools will help to enable students and teachers to excel and to fully encompass the digital learning environment. Here at Kortext, we are excited to find out what the future holds, are you?




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