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Thesaurus consists of a list of words which are grouped together because of their similarity of meaning. Contrary to a dictionary, a thesaurus doesn’t provide definitions for words as its main purpose is to find different terms to define a specific idea.

Although a thesaurus consists of a list of synonyms, it does not have to be considered as a work full of synonyms related to a specific word. Indeed, the terms are designated to assist the user in selecting a right word in a specific context.

The word thesaurus comes from the Greek language where it means ‘treasure’; therefore, a thesaurus is a treasury of words which help people to better understand the meaning of different terms, so as individuals can use them in a more efficient and effective way.

There are different types of thesauri available to people. Some of them have a dictionary-style, meaning that the terms are listed alphabetically, others have a concept style and group words into categories depending on their meaning.

With the tech development, print thesauri have been replaced with the electronic versions. By using online thesauri, users need to simply type a word to see all its synonyms and antonyms.

The first thesaurus has been created by Roget who started collecting synonyms in 1805 and published its first version in 1852.

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