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The Connected Customer

Price: £36.00
  • Author: Wuyts, Stefan H.K. /Dekimpe, Marnik G. / Gijsbrechts, Els
  • ISBN: 9781135176914
  • Print ISBN: 9781848728370
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Pages: 372
  • Ebook format: PDF

In today's connected consumer environment, customers are better informed and harder to please, but they also leave a more visible evidence trail in the form of improved databases and customer information. Consumers are increasingly interconnected through various sorts of social networks, a trend that is facilitated by recent advances in electronic media and telecommunication (i.e., MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Cyworld). Consumers are also increasingly connected with brands and seek to play a more participative role in their relationship with companies, stimulating companies to reconsider how to connect with consumers.

This book consists of a collection of chapters by thought-leaders in the field of marketing and beyond that deals with the rich facets of connectivity. This edited volume is a great source of research ideas and fresh theory building for academics and students in marketing and related fields who wish to understand this exciting field. It will be a source of inspiration for practitioners who are eager to take up the challenge and adapt their marketing strategies to the changing nature of consumer and business markets. see more


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