The benefits of digital textbooks
by Tifaine Dickinson

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Digital Education Survey, 75% of educators surveyed believe that digital learning content will replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years.

Already we’re seeing a much greater adoption of digital smart tools across schools, colleges and universities. Some educators report that one advantage of Kortext is the ease with which their students can access such digital smart tools. Whether highlighting key passages from a text, noting questions for further discussion or sharing ideas with their peers, Kortext helps students to engage more actively with their etextbooks reading.

This means that after students research their chosen topic they then might use Kortext’s smart study tools for example, the highlighter tool to capture all their references.  From here, they then might note some further questions before clicking internal links to further reading to find out more. Access to these time-saving digital smart tools means that study time is spent more efficiently, which allows students to focus on higher-order learning activities.

With etextbooks that can be read from any location on a pc, laptop or smartphone, gone are the days of lugging bulky textbooks. Integrated with popular cloud-based platform, Microsoft 365, Kortext is designed to appeal to an ‘on-demand’ generation of students who want immediate access to their learning materials – including journals and lecture notes.

Since it is said that an organised learner is an effective learner, the digital learning platform allows students to arrange their learning materials in a way that makes sense to them. With their own personal bookshelf comprising etextbooks, journals and notes, students can access all learning materials across their chosen modules from one place. They can colour-code their notes to help with visual retention and know that any annotations made will synchronise automatically across all devices.

Along with Kortext’s main features, the platform also hosts a number of collaborative features, including a group function and seamless integration with Twitter and Facebook.

Kortext has been designed with web 2.0 learning in mind.





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