The Kortext / Aspire Story

ASPIRE imahe

Kortext was founded in 2013 with a vision to help every learner achieve more. In a little over 5 years we have become the UK’s leading personal learning platform and supplier of digital textbooks. Working with over 3,500 publishers including Pearson, McGraw Hill, Wiley and Oxford University Press, we supply over 1 million digital books

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Kortext is awarded a gold standard 100% ASPIREreview score for accessibility

ASPIRE awards Kortext

UK-based eTextbook and learning-platform provider, Kortext, has achieved a 100% gold ASPIREscore for their accessibility statement. ASPIRE provides an external verification system and ranking for learning platforms and publishers on the basis of their accessibility. Kortext has been a supporter of the ASPIRE project since its inception in 2018 and won an excellence award at

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