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Easy access

Easy sign up and access supported all the way by your tutor and Kortext, which means that you can be learning from day one of your course.

Study more effectively

Kortext offers an intuitive study toolkit for students around the world

tablet_macLearn on the go

Our apps for iOS, Android and Windows allow you to download your etextbooks before leaving your house. No WiFi? No problem. Weekend break in Paris? Pas de problème. Our platform allows you to work offline, with all the same functionality as if you were online. No more worrying about data allowance and your annotations will sync across your devices.

searchContent searching and bookmarking

Our navigation tools help you find the right content in seconds. Quickly find pages with the desired topics, and bookmark them for later with the click of a button. No corner folding required.

createNotes, highlights and references

Colour code paragraphs for easy review, revision and referencing. Green? Aced it. Red? Add to bibliography. Plus, attach notes to important bits to help with essay and exam planning and share them with classmates. Just like sticky notes, but they won't fall off.

printCopy, paste and print

Found a quote you want to add to an essay? Just select the passage in your etextbook and copy and paste it directly into your document. Or, if you’d rather get a bit more hands-on with your book, you’ll be given the option to print from a selected range of pages.


We want Kortext to be inclusive for all, so our accessibility tools let you customise your reading in a way that suits you. Change font size, style and background colour, or use our Read Aloud option if you’d rather listen to your etextbook.

Loved by our community

Oni Tolu

BSc Economics Student

Kortext has made studying so much easier!

Ipek Karatepe


If there’s no Internet I just access the etextbooks I’ve downloaded on my app.

Adeola Ajibade

MSc Public Health

It’s amazing because it’s my textbooks, my library ebooks, my essays and lecture notes all in one place.

Ivanka Zapryanova

BA International Business

It’s really quick and easy to get to the right chapter and section. You can organise your notes, collaborate and share them.

Dr Benjamin Simpson

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham Trent University

The ease-of-use and the capabilities of the Kortext analytics dashboard makes this tool very useful. At a glance, I can tell which students are reading the recommended texts and which are not. The analysis will help me decide on the most useful texts to support my courses.


Studying has never been easier

Gone are the days of cramming books into your bag the night before a lecture. With Kortext you can have access to all your content anytime using the devices you already carry everywhere with you - just don’t forget your charging lead!

Studying has never been easier

Collaborate with peers and get feedback from tutors in real time on your device. You’ll always be in contact with the people that matter to you!