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Speech is the form of communication among individuals, based on the combination of words. Each spoken word is created through a phonetic combination of vowels and consonants and is different from language to language.

The speech production involves different processes. Firstly, it consists in the selection of appropriate words and forms from the lexicon and morphology. Secondly, it focuses on the organisation of these words through the syntax. Then, it retrieves the phonetic aspects of the words and originates sentences through the articulation associated with those phonetic properties.

In linguistics, the term 'articulation' relates to how the tongue, lips, vocal cords and jaws work to produce the sound. In this context, speeches can be categorised by the manner of articulation and place of articulation. The manner of articulation relates to the ways in which speech organs interact. The place of articulation refers to where the airstream in the mouth is cramped.

Speech production is a difficult and complex activity; therefore, it is common that individuals, above all children, make mistakes which are usually considered to construct models for language production and child language acquisition.

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