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by: Steane, John /Ayres, James
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781782970323
  • Publication year: 2013
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by: Dalzell, Robert F. Jr./Dalzell, Lee Baldwin
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9780199761050
  • Publication year: 2000
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A building is a structure with a roof and walls, set permanently in a place. Buildings can have different shapes, sizes and functions, and over the time they have been adapted to different factors such as the building materials available, weather conditions, specific uses, ground conditions and aesthetic reasons.

Buildings have different aims including security, shelter from the weather, living space, privacy, comfortably live and work.

Different are the types of building. In this category, you will find different digital textbooks which will focus on residential edifices.

Single-family domestic buildings are usually known as houses or homes. Instead, buildings which have two or more dwelling units are called apartments. A condominium is an apartment occupied by individuals who own the property instead of renting it. Houses can be also semi-detached when they are built in pairs, as well as apartments can be constructed around courtyards or as rectangular blocks. Sometimes, houses built as a single dwelling are split into several apartments or converted to other uses such as offices or shops.

Residential buildings range from simple huts to luxury houses. Nowadays many blocks of residential buildings are built due to the growth of the population.

As well as this, domestic buildings can acquire different names depending on their seasonality, their value, the way they are constructed, and their proximity to the ground.

Do you want to know more about domestic buildings? Take a look at this category. You will find a wide range of digital books which are related to this topic. These titles will help you better understand the concept of residential buildings and succeed in your exams.

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