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Problematic and Risk Behaviours in Psychosis

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Author: Meaden, Alan/Hacker, David
  • ISBN: 9781136851339
  • Print ISBN: 9780415494656
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Pages: 327
  • Ebook format: PDF
In spite of improved access to psychosocial interventions, many people with psychosis continue to experience persistent problems which act as significant barriers to their recovery. This book investigates risk and problem behaviours in psychosis, including staff and service factors that can impede the delivery of effective care. Problematic and Risk Behaviours in Psychosis provides a new approach for assessment, formulation and intervention within such problem behaviours in a team context. Of particular interest will be:• an outline of the SAFE (Shared Assessment, Formulation and Education) approach • an integrative model for understanding risk and problematic behaviour • shared risk assessment and management processes• approaches to reducing team and carer barriers to effective care• the use of CBT in day-to-day interactions with clients• a set of formulation-driven strategies for managing problematic behaviours • case studies and vignettes providing guidance and highlighting the benefits of the approach. This book will have particular appeal to professionals working in specialist community, hospital-based and residential services who often struggle to help those with the most complex mental health problems who are hardest to reach.  It is also an excellent resource for those engaged in training in psychological therapies, risk assessment and management.


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