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by: Dorling Kindersley;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781405339711
  • Publication year: 2009
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by: An, Pei;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9780080513645
  • Publication year: 1998
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by: Johnson, Steve;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781292118666
  • Publication year: 2015
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A personal computer, also known as a PC, is a multi-purpose computer which is suitable for individual use due to its size, capabilities and price. PCs are created to be used by the end users, rather than technicians or computer experts. PCs become important in the 1960s; however, over the years, they have improved their capabilities and, nowadays, users utilise their personal computers to access different commercial software and freeware as well as free and open-source software.

Personal computers are classified into three main categories: stationary, portable and tablet. Stationary PCs include workstation computers, desktop computers, gaming computers, all-in-one computers, nettop, and home theatre computers. Portable computers are devices such as laptops, desktop replacement computers and netbooks. Finally, tablet computers include smartphones, ultra-mobile PCs and Pocket PCs.

Furthermore, PCs are divided into two main parts hardware and software. Computer hardware consists of all the physical part of a computer, including the computer case, the power supply unit, the motherboard, the main memory the storage drive, the keyboard, the mouse and the video card. Computer software, instead, consists of the programmes installed on the computer which permit it to work. Computer software includes both the operating system which manages the computer resources, as well as the applications which permit the computer to complete a task.

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