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Are you looking for fair and affordable access to open learning resources?

As digital transformation continues to sweep the world of education, demand for Open Educational Resources (OERs) is growing. Providing access to these free, digital academic resources helps level the playing field for students from all backgrounds, whilst keeping learning content affordable for institutions like yours.

Leverage the Kortext Open Resources Collection

With the Kortext Open Resources Collection, available now to Higher and Further Education institutions, your students can enjoy access to a wealth of knowledge to support their learning.

11,000+ titles      |      20+ broad subjects

Your students can access a huge range of titles across subjects including:

  • Society and Social Sciences
  • Humanities and the Arts
  • Languages
  • Literature
  • Computing and Technology
  • Economics and Finance
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Vocational subjects like plumbing
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The collection is packed full of eTextbooks, monographs and published research from leading publishers like Springer, de Gruyter and Open Stax, all available to read on the Kortext Arcturus smart study platform where students can make notes, search key terms and more!

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