New Citation and Referencing Tool (Kortext, 2018)
by Amy Donelan

We’re constantly looking to make digital learning easier. So we are exCited to introduce a new feature on the Kortext platform... the all new citation and referencing tool! (Kortext, 2018).

We’re currently in a BETA stage, which means we’re still getting rid of those nasty bugs, (bleurgh)! The system has a slightly stripped down functionality at the moment but we couldn't keep it a secret much longer!


So, where can you find it?

It’s currently available for online ebooks only and across our iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps (Windows 8 will follow shortly). It’s easily located by selecting the quotation mark icon that appears once text is highlighted.

We’ve also collected all your references in a reference notebook. Just visit your bookshelf and select the top quotation marks in the right corner - handy isn’t it?

What does it do?

Learners can copy references for their bibliography, use the citation option for in-line citations, quote by using the excerpt option, or if you’re feeling really jazzy, you can use all three!

We currently have two referencing styles; Harvard and APA (Cite Them Right 10th Edition)


*Disclaimer* (uh oh!)

Always refer to your university’s referencing style guidelines BEFORE submitting work, as we mentioned the feature is currently in BETA.

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it! Please contact



Kortext, K. (2018). NEW Citation and Referencing Tool. 1st Edition. [Application] Bournemouth: Kortext. Available at: [Accessed: 3rd April 2018]



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