Kortext on Microsoft Teams

Kortext on Microsoft Teams

The Kortext smart teaching and learning platform is for people who will make a difference.
The platform facilitates interactive engagement with content that ensures students and faculty have 24/7 digital access to core learning materials.

The integration with Microsoft Teams enables enhanced collaboration between lecturers and students to maximise engagement and learning outcomes. Kortext on Microsoft Teams helps everyone committed to teaching and learning to deliver amazing experiences in an increasingly virtual world.

By helping educators adopt faster, simpler and more collaborative ways of teaching, Kortext enables students to reach their full potential. In an efficient but human way, Kortext on Microsoft Teams brings everybody and everything together, in a single, familiar and trusted platform.

With Kortext on Microsoft Teams

Will get students to the right place, transforming teaching and unlocking each students’ potential.

Will prepare for today, tomorrow, to shape the future of learning.

Will connect and collaborate, with a space to meet, a place to learn and a community to thrive in.

Will help care for their students, delivering more than just teaching.

Partnership with Microsoft Education

The Kortext platform gives every student their own unique library of resources and connects them to their content, to each other and to their academics. The platform hosts over 1m eTextbooks from over 4,000 academic publishers and facilitates seamless connection from the university’s VLE through to their textbooks and associated video, assessment and courseware platforms.

Kortext has partnered with Microsoft to accelerate its global reach and to build scalability, security and performance. The platform fully supports the Immersive Reader technologies to ensure content is accessible for all. The integration with Office365 gives users unparalleled access to the content they require and provides an enhanced user experience. Kortext incorporates a world class, student learning analytics solution using Power BI that actively supports student retention, progression and success.

Microsoft represents a key strategic partner for Kortext as more and more universities adopt learning technologies and solutions for their modern learning ecosystem.

Kortext app for Windows10

The Kortext Windows10 app offers online and offline access to key textbooks from multiple publishers, combined with a set of tools that provide the user with functionality beyond anything traditional textbooks can offer. A streamlined user experience for note creation and sharing, an improved functionality across multiple tools and a more intuitive navigation, delivers an improved learning experience and stronger outcomes. Find out more.

Microsoft Education Specialist Partner

Using Kortext on Microsoft Teams

Flexible access models

Kortext Access

For universities looking to enable multi-concurrent access to content either library selected or student selected via Patron Driven Acquisition plans. (Please note, not all publishers offer this access for textbooks). In addition students are able to purchase content for themselves directly should they wish to do so.

Kortext Complete

For universities and faculties wanting to provide broad online access to all adopted textbooks for a single price, with added support and detailed engagement analytics to help drive progression, retention and success.

Kortext Personalised

For universities who have a requirement to provide specific titles to students on a specific course.

Case Studies

Manchester University

University of Manchester

"One of the most important parts for us in terms of provision is the monitoring of usage data on the Kortext analytics dashboard. Providing students engagement analytics for our academic staff together with other information is vital for them for early intervention in terms of non-continuation risk."

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Middlesex University

Middlesex University

"In terms of how we work with Kortext, it has always felt to me to be a successful partnership. Our NSS has gone up about 20% in the period of time we’ve been running this, so satisfaction with our resource provision has risen."

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University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth

"Students found that the accessibility features within the platform itself and also the ability to use the titles offline as well as online via multiple devices was very valuable to them." When asked if they found that "having access to these titles made it easier to read and study the books recommended for their module [students] overwhelmingly agreed."

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