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  • Where do I get my username and password?

    If your university is providing your etextbooks your username and password will be sent to your university email address or access will have been provided through your VLE.

    If you have purchased through the Kortext Store, instructions on how you access your account will have been sent to your email address. If not, please contact

  • What do I need to access and download my etextbooks?
    1. You can access your account online through a web browser or offline through one of the amazing (well, we think so) Kortext apps.
    2. The Kortext Apps are available to download for FREE from the Google Play store, iOS App Store (or the Mac App here) and for the Windows App Store.
    3. Once you have downloaded the apps, you can download your etextbooks from the cloud to read offline.
    4. Download speed will depend on the file’s size and your internet connection speed.
  • Can I print pages of the etextbook?
    You can print pages of the etextbooks, however the amount is restricted by publisher copyright.
  • What internet browsers are supported?
    Kortext supports the following browsers: IE 8.0+, Chrome 2+, Firefox 3+, Safari 2+ (Mac) and Safari 3+ (Windows).