Kortext Showcased by Microsoft
by Roberta Nicora

Kortext’s new and improved Windows 10 app is being showcased by Microsoft as part of their global education offering. The app was first unveiled at Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Learn What’s Next education event in New York in May. The 170 attending journalists were given access to the Kortext app, pre-installed on Microsoft Surface devices, highlighting the immersive learning experience that students can access whilst using their online etextbooks. Following the event, Kortext has also been showcased on the Microsoft Education Blog, looking at Microsoft’s educational app partners.  

But why is the Kortext Windows 10 app so special?

Imagine if you could draw on your etextbooks - scribble reminders to yourself, highlight important sections, draw graphs to support your reading. Imagine if you had an online ruler that never snapped, pencils that never need sharpening, and a rainbow of coloured pens that never lose their brightness. Kortext’s Windows 10 app combines with Microsoft Surface Inking technology to offer a pen and paper experience, right on your screen.

Not only that, but by adopting the UK' leading digital learning platform App, you can access the full annotation functionality on your own content, too. The app allows you to access etextbooks which may have been supplied by your institution, or that you’ve bought on the Kortext store, but also journal articles, digital books or presentations, which are stored on your device.

The app supports the undeniable global transition to digital learning, whilst simultaneously creating an experience that is similar to print. With online learning becoming increasingly important for distance learners, part-time students, and those with additional accessibility needs, it is vital for learners to be able to interact with their content in a way which is both engaging and meaningful. The Kortext Windows 10 app offers all the functionality found in a traditional etextbook reader, with an added layer of capabilities for engagement that goes far deeper than reading the etextbook on a screen.

The Kortext Windows 10 app is available to download now



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