Kortext in partnership with Microsoft
by Roberta Nicora

Kortext Partners with Microsoft to make studying easier for students

Kortext, the UK’s leading digital textbook platform and etextbooks provider, is working with Microsoft to give students and universities easy access to thousands of etextbooks anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The partnership agreement will see Kortext integrate its digital textbook software into the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based platform, now used by over 100 universities in the UK and thousands more globally.

By adding over 200,000 education titles to Office 365, including the key front list textbooks from all major publishers such as PearsonCengage and Wiley, Kortext and Microsoft are able to offer an affordable and extensive selection of digital learning materials to universities worldwide.

The digital leaning platform integrates the content with detailed student engagement analytics to deliver what universities need to better support student learning outcomes.

Kortext is also producing a new app for the Universal Windows 10 Platform, which will contain a number of  digital smart tools and unique features to aid students in their learning as they access their key etextbooks through the platform.

David Langridge, Education senior director at Microsoft, said:

"We are delighted to work with Kortext as they represent a key strategic partner for us as more and more universities adopt their digital learning platform, and want to see the key textbooks that Kortext delivers tightly integrated into their learning ecosystem. As we continue to roll out Office 365 to the worldwide education market having Kortext as a content partner allows us to provide future-proofed solutions that can deliver today, as well as tomorrow."

James Gray, CEO of Kortext, said:

"I am delighted that Microsoft has chosen to partner with Kortext as it very much validates our technology and solutions, as we continue to develop our digital learning platform for the modern learning environment. Partnering with Microsoft means that we can accelerate our global reach as the Microsoft Office 365 platform has over 15 million UK education users and over 200 million education users worldwide. By integrating Kortext with Office 365 we can give users unparalleled access to the content they require and provide an enhanced user experience."

Marc Wells, deputy director of the education technology unit at Imperial College Business School, said:

"We have been delighted with our partnership with Kortext who have delivered etextbooks to our students for the last two years and who, in our opinion, continue to innovate ahead of any other provider in the market. We look forward to our faculty and students, who are big users of Microsoft Office 365 and Kortext, benefiting from this new partnership."



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