Kortext April 2018 Updates
by Amy Donelan

April has been a busy month at Kortext, making updates and improvements to our web platform, apps and store. Here’s a list of things you can expect to have changed - just in case you had your head in an etextbook and missed it!


Citations are currently available for online ebooks only and across our iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps (Windows 8 will follow shortly). It’s easily located by selecting the quotation mark icon that appears once text is highlighted. We’ve also collected all the references in a reference notebook. Just visit the bookshelf and select the top quotation marks in the right corner. Learners can also copy references for their bibliography, use the citation option for in-line citations and quote by using the excerpt option. We currently have two referencing styles; Harvard and APA (Cite Them Right 10th Edition).

Review Copies

A section has been added to the Institutions page on our website that allows lecturers to request review copies directly from customer services. Simply, click on the icon “request review copy” and fill in the following details; First name, Last name, Email, Institution, print ISBN or eISBN, Book title, Author, Module code and Module name.

Shared Notes in Analytics

A new dashboard has been added to our analytics. The dashboard displays the notes that have been shared and read by members of a group. This enables lecturers to see if notes are being shared and read by their students.

The notes section of the dashboard also shows:

  1. Notes Created - the number of notes that have been shared

  2. Total Reach - the number of people who can see the shared note

  3. Total Views - the number of times the shared notes have been viewed

  4. % of Notes Read - the percentage of notes that have been read

  5. Unique Views - the number of unique views on a shared note

 The donut charts are similar to the overall statistics section of our dashboard. They show the percentage of shared notes that have been read on each day of the week and the percentage of shared notes that have been read on each device.

There is also a table that shows who a note was shared to, the actual note that was shared, the page of the book that the note was made on, the date that the note was shared, the date that the note was first viewed by the user, and the number of times the user viewed the shared note. 


Updates will be going live on Monday 23rd April at 19:00.

We love hearing new ideas and your opinions on our platform. If you have any feedback please contact



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