July 2013 Update
by Roberta Nicora

Kortext, the UK's leading digital learning platform and etextbooks provider, has evolved very rapidly since its launch in September of last year.  This evolution has been driven by the equally rapid changes in Higher Education funding and the expectations of the student cohort.  It is more and more becoming a case of “what do I get for my money” from the students perspective and from a parents, government and institutional perspective is “how can we measure and be satisfied with the outcomes” from all this investment.  And last but not least, from a teaching perspective, “what are the pedagogical outcomes”.

It is in this context that we have been developing and evolving the digital learning platform to facilitate not only the user and institution but also the creator of the content and the publisher.  As we start to plan implementation projects for the start of the September / October semester,  we continue to implement more functionality into the system through tablet gesture support, enhancing apps, and integrating with University virtual learning environments (VLE).

More recently, the launch of the Publisher Portal enables publishers to present digital review copies to academics for course adoption, as well as to sell the eContent directly from the platform through auto-generated access codes.  This provides the publisher with another cost effective sales tool as we work on driving down costs in the supply chain through eContent.



In working to keeping you informed in this rapidly changing environment, this is the first of our regular blogs and we will continue to add information and notifications to Linkedin and Twitter on a regular basis.  So as well as the blog – do follow us on social media, and you will be seeing far more regular updates and exciting announcements from Kortext.






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