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International law relates to a set of rules which regulate the relationships between states or nations and is a framework necessary to create stable and organised international relations. The subject differs from state-based legal systems whose rules are applicable to single citizens.

International law can be both accepted or refused by nations unless they have consented to a particular course of conduct.

The term law reports, known also as reporters, refers to a series of books which include judicial opinions from specific case law decided by courts. In common law nations, these opinions are put under the rule of 'stare decisis' which requires a court to apply a legal principle, previously decided by a former court. The regular publication of reports is important so as lawyers, judges and laymen can know what the law is, as stipulated by judges.

Law reports can be both official and unofficial. Official law reports are those which are authorised to be published by a statute or other governmental rules. Unofficial law reports, instead, are not officially sanctioned. Usually, these reports provide useful research aids, shared before the official opinions.

International law reports are those reporters which focus on international law and include different aspects such as citation reference, the name of cases, a summary of the case (known also as headnote), a recital of the facts of the case, a note of the counsel's arguments before the judge, and the judgment description.

With the development of the Internet, reports have started to be published on websites.

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