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A designer is a person who designs and specifies the structural aspects of an object. The word designer is related to every individual who produces a tangible or intangible object, product, game, graphic, service or experience.

Traditionally, the figure of 'designer' was strictly related to the architecture industry as well as the fashion and furniture design. Currently, the design industry is associated with communication arts, meaning that the designer produces objects which communicate emotional values and enhance the viewers' experience of the product or service.

Over the time, the design industry has become more complex due to the changes in modern society and the growth of mass production. Therefore, the classical fields of design such as architecture, fashion and furniture design, have been divided into more specialised fields according to the product taken into account. These areas may consist of landscape design, urban design, exterior design, industrial design, furniture design, cloth design and interior design.

Consequently, nowadays, a designer can be specialised in different fields. To become a specialised designer, an individual must be a competent designer and be trained in the specialised area. There are different methodologies and technique at the base of this training.

Designers usually belong to design teams which are characterised by a hierarchical structure. This arrangement includes the master designer, who is the head of the team, followed by technical designers who are specialised in different areas. In addition, for more complex tasks, the design team can include engineers, advertising specialists and other members.

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