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by: Dorling Kindersley;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781405365659
  • Publication year: 2010
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by: Creveld, Martin van;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781107353138
  • Publication year: 2013
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The term ‘hobby’ refers to a human activity which is done for enjoyment and pleasure during leisure time. There are different types of hobbies including collecting items and objects, playing sports or create artistic works. By participating in hobbies, individuals can acquire precise skills and increment their knowledge in a particular area.

Hobbies usually are compliant with a particular fashion or social trends; therefore, it is common that the list of hobbies is continually changing.

People who are interested in a hobby are known as hobbyists and can create groups which share the same interests. As well as this, hobbies belong to leisure activities and can be included in casual leisure activities, serious leisure activities and project-based activities.

Usually, the term ‘hobbyist’ is interchanged with the term ‘amateur’. However, amateurs are those people that engage in activities that have a professional counterpart (e.g. astronomy or music). Instead, hobbyists engage with five main activities including collecting, playing sport and games, engaging with liberal arts (e.g. languages, literature and cuisine), making and tinkering, and participating to activities such as fishing and singing.

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