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The term gymnastics refer to a sport which requests balance, flexibility, strength, agility, coordination and endurance. The athlete who practises gymnastic uses his/her arms legs, back, shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles to perform this sport.

Most of the competitive gymnastics events are governed by the FIG (Federation Internationale de Gymnastique). The most well-known FIG discipline is artistic gymnastics. However, also rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, parkour and aerobic gymnastics are practised.

Currently, the FIG doesn’t recognise wheel gymnastics, aesthetic group gymnastics, TeamGym, mallakhamba and men’s rhythmic gymnastics.

Gymnastics has been firstly used by Greek as a method to prepare men for the war. Nevertheless, over the years, the discipline has become a sport.

Gymnastics can be considered one of the most dangerous sport, with a very high injury rate among girls between 11 and 18. Usually, gymnastics athletes have a high risk of overuse injuries to foot and wrists.

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