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by: Lawson, Stuart;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781780672120
  • Publication year: 2013
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Furniture Design is a field of design which combines both function and fashion.

The term furniture relates to objects which have the aim to support people's activities such as seating, eating, and sleeping. As well as this, furniture is used to hold items or to store things. When furniture is the result of a design process, this is considered a form of decorative art. Furniture can be made of different materials including metal, plastic or wood and usually reflects the culture of the person who has produced the object.

Nowadays, many interior designers think that furniture is one of the most important features of an interior area. Indeed, furniture is practical and functional, as well as adds style and personality to the whole environment.

Furniture has changed over the years and although some styles have remained constant, others have changed completely. Nowadays, originating new furniture styles is seen as a type of industrial art form.

The person who works in this area is known as a furniture designer. Furniture designers create different types of furniture which have various styles and serves multiple purposes.

The furniture design process starts with a basic idea; then, the furniture designer draws the concept by using both traditional and modern methods. The whole drawing will include details about both the methodology and materials that will be used to create the object. Once the design process is completed, the furniture designer will originate a prototype of the pieces.

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