Free Student eTextbook Programme (FSTP)

Kortext have responded to university campus closures across the world by launching the FSTP, the most comprehensive, sector wide programme to provide students with digital access to their core textbooks during remote teaching.

The Free Student eTextbook Programme or FSTP was launched on the 18th March with Jisc, the UK’s not for profit education and research services provider and is available to all 180+ UK and Irish universities and their 2.7m students covering all courses. Since then the Programme has been extended to many international universities whose students have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under FSTP, tens of thousands of textbooks are available from key academic publishers including Pearson, Cengage, Taylor & Francis, John Wiley & Sons, Macmillan Education, SAGE Publishing, McGraw Hill Education, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and many others, from now through to the end of the current semester.

We are grateful to all of the participating publishers as well as Microsoft and Adobe who have supported the infrastructure which underpins the programme. Finally we are very grateful to all the universities that have participated in the FSTP, for their partnership, commitment and willingness to collectively help students around the world during these unprecedented times.

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Access for your students is set up via single sign on (SSO) using their university login credentials. Access can be from the reading list, the institutional VLE or a number of other discovery points

Access codes for titles can also be arranged. Your students can access this content until the end of the Programme.

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Academics and Students

Minimise the impact of campus closures and support remote learning with FREE access to core learning material from all the leading academic publishers. Access is via your university email address. Universal access to core reading materials ensures every student on the course has the same opportunity to learn and academics can plan their course delivery accordingly.

Get your students set up with free access to their textbooks

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We invite you to join this sector wide initiative to support students and universities as they respond to campus closures and the ongoing disruption from COVID-19.

Kortext will work with any academic publisher to enable access to your content for free for all students and universities that qualify.

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Words from our partners

University of Manchester logo

Olivia Walsby

Reading List Services Manager, The University of Manchester Library

At the University of Manchester, as with colleagues across the sector, we are keen to reassure our students and staff that we are here to support their studies and research online by providing access to key digital content during this difficult time. The Free Student eTextbook Programme will have a significant impact in making this transition as quick and comprehensive as possible at no extra cost.

Jane Cooke

Associate Director Collections, Content and Discovery at the University of Liverpool Library

Kortext have provided an invaluable service to the HE sector in stepping up with the Free Student eTextbook Programme at this time of uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstances. It has provided us and our university community with extremely useful teaching tools in a very timely fashion.

Patricia Killiard

Senior Deputy Director of Cambridge University Libraries

The importance of being able to provide core etextbooks to our students and teaching staff during such a challenging time cannot be understated. This access is being offered for free during the Coronavirus outbreak, and marks incredible generosity and care on the part of the contributing publishers who have chosen to make their content available. Cambridge University Libraries are extremely grateful to Kortext and Jisc for all their work to make this possible.

Anthony Salcito

Vice President Education, Microsoft

We are delighted to be supporting this Programme with Kortext and Jisc. At this time of campus closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic , the most disadvantaged students are the ones that suffer the most from being unable to access their University library. As such, moving key learning content online through Kortext and supporting an entire sector in this way is directly aligned to Microsoft’s Vision of empowering every student on the planet to achieve more.

Faculty Librarians

The University of Portsmouth

As Faculty Librarians trying to provide our printed and restricted ebook licences to students online during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been very impressed with the offering from Kortext. They sent out their initial unlimited ebook offering very quickly enabling us to start work straight away, the selection of titles they are able to make available has been extensive and is regularly updated as more publishers come on-board. They have also been in direct communication with us throughout this set-up period. We have very much appreciated their help in getting unlimited access to resources for our students.

Ian Simpson

Library Collection Development Manager at Canterbury Christ Church University

Kortext have been extremely supportive and generous in striving to provide our students with the eTextbooks they require for their remote studying. Katharine Templeton in particular has been particularly patient as we’ve been bombarding her with requests from all quarters.

Words from our partners

Frequently asked questions

High quality digital learning material is being provided, free of charge, from over 25 academic publishers.

New publishers and titles are being added daily and the publisher listing includes Pearson Education, Taylor & Francis, Cengage, Wiley, SAGE Publishing, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, McGraw Hill Education, Elsevier, Macmillan Education, Springer, Kogan Page, Laurence King, Bristol University Press (Policy), Bloomsbury Publishing, WW Norton, Edward Elgar, Hodder Education, Thomson Reuters, Van Schaik Publishing, Edinburgh University Press and Sweet & Maxwell. Check with Kortext to confirm which content is available within your region.

Kortext was founded in 2013 with a vision to help every learner achieve more by simplifying their access and use of relevant content. In a little over 5 years we have become the UK’s leading personal learning platform and supplier of digital textbooks. Working with over 2,000 publishers including Pearson, McGraw Hill, Wiley and Oxford University Press, we supply over 1 million digital books to students in over 80 countries around the world. Headquartered in Bournemouth, UK, our team now spans the globe working with universities and governments to support better access to learning content and more effective teaching and learning. Founded on the concept that students and universities wanted access to their textbooks and other relevant content in digital form as easily as possible we set out to deliver.

Through Kortext, universities across the world are now providing an enhanced learning experience and equipping students with the digital resources for their courses from day one! This ensures consistency of experience and equality of access and opportunity, leaving no student behind.

Jisc’s vision is for the UK to be the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. At its heart is the super-fast national research and education network, Janet, with built-in cyber security protection.  Jisc also provides technology solutions for its members (colleges, universities and research centres) and customers (public sector bodies), helps members save time and money by negotiating sector-wide deals and provides advice and practical assistance on digital technology. Jisc is funded by the UK higher and further education and research funding bodies and member institutions.

More information can be found at

Work with Kortext to confirm the titles that you require and how your students will access the content.

Contact Kortext at to request a title list template and to set up easy access for your students to the content for their course.

Email Kortext at and ask if your university has already signed up to the Free Student eTextbook Programme.

If your university is already set up on the programme we can either direct you to your programme administrator, or work with you directly to confirm your title requirements.

If your university is not already signed up we can provide you / your students  instant access to the content you require.

Yes, as long as you are a student enrolled on a current UK higher education course through a recognised institution.

You must have a university supplied email address.

Access is arranged / being arranged via your university VLE and / or Library.

Email and ask to join the programme.

The team will provide further information about the programme and our commitment to supporting you.

Thanks for wishing to help with the programme.

Content will be made available until the end of the summer semester.
No. All students on a course can access the titles that have been provided for them and keep their own copy on their personalised bookshelf until the programme ends.

Any titles not currently available from participating publishers will be requested.

We expect additional publishers to join the programme as time progresses.

New titles will be made available to your university as they become available.

If your requested title is not available through the programme we will advise and invite you to select an alternative.

Users can search for key terms, add highlights and bookmarks, print a number of pages, create personal notes and insert links to other content as well as collaborating with their colleagues.
Microsoft's Azure cloud platform is leveraged to provide students 24/7 access to their course textbooks online. Adobe is providing technical and commercial support to the programme. We thank both organisations for their ongoing and proactive support.

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