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Extreme programming, also known as XP, is a software development method aiming to improve the software responsiveness and quality depending on the clients’ needs and requirements.

As well as this, XP includes different activities such as programming in pairs, doing extensive code reviews, testing code, creating a flat management structure, expecting the changes of the customers' demands, and communicating with customers frequently, as well as with programmers.

Extreme programming was created by Kent Beck during his work on the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System payroll project.

The goal of extreme programming is to reduce the cost of changes by having short development cycles rather than long processes. In this context, amendments are seen as a natural aspect of software development projects. As well as this, XP introduces different basic principles, values and practices related to the agile programming framework.

Over the years, XP has received different criticism as it lacks a precise structure and documentation and works only with senior-level developers. As well as this, it does not have enough software design and can be very inefficient.

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