Embed Kortext into your course delivery

Embed Kortext into your course delivery

Improve learning outcomes by uploading content and tailoring courses to your students’ needs. Assign specific reading to your different lecture groups and have your students interact with one another through the Kortext platform.

Order review copies to evaluate the best content for your course.

Monitor and assess engagement

With our analytics dashboard, at a glance you can see which students are focussed on their course materials and which are not.  This means that you can make effective student interventions to improve engagement and facilitate learning.

Monitor and assess engagement
Digital sampling

Integrating into your learning ecosystem

Kortext embeds directly into your learning management system such as Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas or any other. This enables you to provision etextbooks directly to students in a seamless workflow.

Integrating into your learning ecosystem

How we help your students


From notes and highlighting to searching and bookmarking - you and your students can use Kortext anywhere and everywhere.

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Canterbury Christ Church University


  • 97% of students have frequent engagement with the Kortext texts.
  • Students on the module who are regularly accessing their books are among the higher achievers.
  • All students on that same module have undertaken the set reading that was given to them.

Dr Benjamin Simpson

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham Trent University

Keeping students engaged in their higher education studies is a key aspect of course design. Monitoring the level of engagement is essential and allows a course tutor to adjust the learning environment, thus improving the learning outcomes for their students.

Amy Croft

Course leader for LLB, BSc (Hons) Business and Law, BSc (Hons) Law and Accounting at ARUL

Our students are happy that they no longer have to physically carry around heavy textbooks and can access their reading anywhere, even offline. Moving to Kortext has definitely improved student engagement with their texts. The brilliant analytics tab allows us to see exactly which students are engaging and in which parts of the text, allowing us to target the things that work best with the students, and identify students who are not engaging and provide early intervention. Due to the success, we will be rolling out all students from September.

Our implementation team is with your university every step of the way!

At Middlesex University, staff were able to use Kortext Analytics data to track student progression. They found that students who progressed to Year 2 read an average of 327.6 pages, whereas students who failed to progress read less than half, with an average of 144.3 pages.

Kortext Analytics allowed the University of Worcester to see when students had not engaged with their core texts in the first few weeks of term. This allowed staff to take action before students became fully disengaged, resulting in a reduction in withdrawals from 3.8% to 1% year on year.


Collaboration has never been easier

The creation of learning groups, functionality that enables; quick and easy access to the right section, note taking and highlighting, makes it easy to collaborate and share, both teacher to student and peer to peer.