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by: Tapper, Michael;
  • Format: PDF
  • ISBN: 9781783202799
  • Publication year: 2014
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Digital television refers to the transmission of television signals using digital encoding. Digital television differs from the analogue television where the video and audio are carried by analogue signals.

Digital TV shows images with a better resolution than analogue TV and provides different features which analogue television cannot. The transition to digital has happened around 2006 when many industrialised countries have started using digital TVs.

As well as better quality of images and sounds, digital TV offers people more channels and has a more interactive nature compared to analogue TV. Furthermore, digital TV allows users to access further information by engaging with TV menus, as well as listen to radio channels and watch archived programs. In addition, more modern digital TV services permit users to browse the Internet by using their television set.

There are various types of digital television services including digital terrestrial, digital satellite TV, digital cable TV, telephone line digital TV and Internet protocol television.

Digital TV can be integrated with media centre PC which is a general computer with a video output such as HDMI or a display port to download and stream content on a TV screen.

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