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Digital Systems Engineering

Dally, William J./Poulton, John W.

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

Yanofsky, Noson S./Mannucci, Mirco A.

Social Signal Processing

Burgoon, Judee K./Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia/Pantic, Maja

Computational Complexity

Arora, Sanjeev/Barak, Boaz

Load Balancing

Mehra, Pankaj /Wah, Benjamin W

Computer Vision

Prince, Simon J. D.

Networked Life

Chiang, Mung

Database Processing, International Edition

Kroenke, David M. /Auer, David

Soft Computing and Its Applications

Aliev, R A /Aliev, R R

Lisp in Small Pieces

Queinnec, Christian/Callaway, Kathleen

Technology In Action, Complete

Evans, Alan /Martin, Kendall / Poatsy, Mary Anne

Database software



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