Considerations on the 2017 UKSG conference
by Roberta Nicora

As a ‘first timer’ to the UKSG Conference this year (in sunny Harrogate!), I benefitted from a sellout conference and the 40th anniversary atmosphere - thanks to many of the delegates for welcoming me into this community! It was an impressive year to attend and witness the scale and connectedness that the UKSG community has. I was also struck by the diversity of interested groups, from: publishers, aggregators, library service providers, national bodies, institutional librarians and academics, which created some fantastic conversations. Finding out about the publishing industry and how everyone works together, interoperates and inter-depends, was a valuable learning experience on a personal level. However, the professional conversations that occurred were so well-informed, they allowed me to gain a super understanding of the institutional and publisher contexts - very helpful for my role as Director of Education.

I was also impressed by the number of international attendees, which illustrated the priority that many people have put on the event, globally. This was surprising and deceptive given the name UKSG (which stands for the UK Serials Group, by the way). Certainly, the fireworks could have been heard around the world...

Considerations on the 2017 UKSG conference

The conference from a Kortext perspective was a great success in that we announced our partnership with Dawson Books and spoke to many institutions and publishers about our aim to further improve the student and staff user experience and workflows. Given the level of interest during UKSG we would like to extend our offer of being updated on this partnership by contacting us at




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