CLA and Kortext: 1.5 Million Downloads
by Roberta Nicora

The Digital Content Store (DCS), a partnership between the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and Kortext, the UK’s leading digital textbook and learning solutions platform provider and key technology partner to the sector, have revolutionised course-pack management for Higher Education (HE) with nearly half of state Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) adopting the system to date.

Following the first birthday of the DCS last week, the CLA and Kortext, the UK's leading digital learning platform and etextbooks provider, have announced that downloads of DCS content have hit 1.5 million. The DCS has already been widely adopted by the sector with over 75 HEIs now signed up since launch in July 2016. The repository is populated with over 120,000 content items, which have been downloaded by students over 1.5 million times. Currently, 45% of full-time students in the UK now access CLA licensed content for their courses via secure DCS links. The DCS is an innovative rights, technology and econtent platform that serves as a workflow management tool for universities across the country who hold a CLA blanket copyright licence.

As demand for online etextbooks continues to grow, so has the workload for university librarians. The introduction of the system has revolutionised management of course-pack content by dramatically simplifying the workflow . It has provided the means to cut the time spent checking permissions and significantly reduce the amount of reporting. The DCS can integrate with an institution’s LMS (Learning Management System) which provides definitive answers on licence coverage and streamlines the digitisation process creating a secure, direct link for students to access the content within one platform.

Meghan Mazella, Senior Product Manager at the CLA said:

"We are extremely proud of what we have achieved in partnership with Kortext. The DCS is successfully simplifying processes for universities and enabling
easier access to content for students and academics around the country."

Andy Alferovs, Managing Director at Kortext said:

"The CLA have been incredible to work with and the problem that they have sought to solve with Kortext was a pain point for many institutions. To see how well
the learning platform has been adopted, and is being engaged with, is truly incredible over the short time period since launch."

A key factor contributing to the rapid adoption of the DCS was the input of five ‘development partners' from the sector, including the Universities of Manchester and Middlesex. They were key in helping create the innovative system that delivered exactly against the needs of the HE sector .

The DCS has initiated some key advances over previous work flows at universities including: improved reporting, increased data available regarding student usage of content, and further streamlining the student’s user journey when accessing essential course material.

CLA and Kortext will continue to partner with the HE sector to further develop the DCS to bring additional efficiencies to work flow. As digital transition gathers pace both the CLA and Kortext are committed to supporting the sector in improving the delivery of their teaching and learning objectives by ensuring that the essential content students need is available anywhere, at any time, on any device.



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