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Book design is the process of incorporating the content, style, design, format and sequences of different aspects of a book into a whole and coherent unit.

Modern books are usually paginated consecutively and all pages are counted in the pagination. The page number, also known as ‘folio’, is usually printed at the top or bottom of the page.

As well as this, the books’ structure includes different parts: the front matter, the body matter and the back matter.

The front matter includes the first section of a book and consists only of a few pages. Front matter pages are usually numbered with Roman numerals which allow writers to add the last moment content (e.g. acknowledgements or a dedication page) without renumbering the whole book. Additionally, this section usually contains blank pages and display pages which are not numbered. Front matter normally appears in the first volume of multi-volume works, although some aspects, such as the table of content or index, may appear in each volume. The front matter is originated by the publishers.

The body matter section consists of the main content of the book and comes after the front matter. This section contains both the main content of the text and its introduction. As well as this, sometimes it includes appendices.

The final part of a book is knowns as the back matter. This section is created by the publisher and includes elements such as epilogue, extro, conclusion, appendix, glossary, bibliography, index, postface and colophon.

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