We are the creators of the world-leading student learning experience and engagement platform

Since 2013, we have pioneered digital innovation in the higher education sector, transforming how students engage with and learn from their content. We can offer you and your students:

  1. A personalised student bookshelf that supports access to over five million eBooks, videos and open educational resources.
  2. Smart study tools that reinvent digital learning, encouraging collaboration and supporting international students.
  3. Access to powerful analytics to enable a better understanding of student content usage.
  4. Seamless VLE integration and remote access via Mac and Android apps.
  5. Trusted generative AI functionality that powers our newest innovation - Kortext Premium.

The above is just the tip of iceberg with what Kortext can offer your institution. Join over 5000 universities worldwide that use our platform by requesting a discovery call using the form on this page.

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    10 years pioneering digital innovation in the higher education industry

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