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Top 5 Advantages of EdTech

EdTech (Educational Technology) is a booming industry. It brings together technology and academic practices to enhance learning. The Covid-19 pandemic has massively accelerated growth, and EdTech is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in Europe. 

EdTech companies are helping schools and universities to deliver online learning across the globe. The sector is becoming increasingly valuable and demand is skyrocketing. 

EdTech is the future of learning and is gaining popularity with both students and academics due to its many advantages over more traditional methods of learning. We should welcome and utilise advancements in educational technology to improve student performance and pave the way towards future success. If you still need to be convinced of how valuable EdTech is, here are the top 5 advantages of EdTech for learners:


EdTech is accessible anytime, anywhere. It provides a solution to the pressing demand for resources in educational institutions. It also saves paper and means you don’t have to carry heavy books around campus with you. Most EdTech platforms also provide accessibility features. Kortext, for example, has read-aloud functionality, page zoom, variable font style, and background colour, and provides 24/7 online and offline access. 


EdTech allows for easy collaboration between users. Platforms, like Kortext, allow users to create groups and share notes and comments. This means that you can interact with your peers and teachers when you are apart in real-time. 


EdTech makes learning more efficient. It saves time and effort by collating all your textbooks and notes in one place. Smart learning tools such as highlighting, commenting, and content searching also enhance learning. Kortext even generates references that can be exported for use in assignments etc. 


EdTech is becoming increasingly more engaging than traditional methods of teaching. It encourages new ways of learning and thinking. EdTech can also help to monitor engagement levels. For instance, Kortext’s Smart Analytics allows academics to monitor and track pages read so that they can intervene if necessary and boost student outcomes.


EdTech is cost-efficient. Online or digital materials and platforms for learning require comparatively less cost for their production, which helps to reduce their expenses. Through investing in EdTech you also receive more for your money. With digital products, there is no wear and tear and there is constant room for product updates and advancements. Some EdTech companies, such as Kortext, even work with institutions to provide free resources for students.

There are many more advantages of EdTech – this is just the tip of the iceberg! EdTech is making a positive impact to support better access to learning content and enhance teaching and learning across the globe.

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