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4 reasons you should love digital libraries (Infographic)
by Roberta Nicora
With the technological development, digital libraries are growing quickly. What are the benefits related to them? Take a look at the infographic below to discover why you should start loving digital libraries. [...]
Why We Love Digital Libraries (And You Should, Too)
by Roberta Nicora
With the rapid development of digitalisation, the role of the library has changed. As result libraries are now facing new difficulties, competitors, demands and expectations. They are redesigning services and changing the ways they provide information to satisfy the new customers’ needs. [...]
5 Incredible Things You Probably Didn’t know about Digital Libraries
by Roberta Nicora
Natalie Nezhati takes a look at "Five Incredible Things You Probably Didn’t know about Digital Libraries". Libraries are transforming from what Simeon Ananou calls “book warehouses – largely passive repositories of physical objects” into “information commons,” where you can access digital resources anytime, anywhere, on any device. [...]
5 Benefits of Digital Libraries (Infographic)
by Amy Donelan
A digital library is a collection of resources in organised electronic forms which are available on the Web and can be updated on a daily basis. Depending on the type of library, users can have access to different multimedia resources such as eBooks, eTextbooks...... [...]
6 Ways eTextbooks can Improve Student Learning
by Roberta Nicora
Natalie Nezhati takes a look at the 6 ways etextbooks can improve student learning. Whatever your opinion on the subject, etextbooks are fast becoming the norm on campus, bringing new changes in the way we read, the way we share information and the way we interact with our learning material. [...]


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