Six top time management tips!

Time running away from you? We feel you! Here are Kortext‘s six top tips on time management so you can be both entertained and educated! 

There are only so many hours in the day, and let’s be real, we all know we’d rather spend our time on TikTok watching Arryn Skelly feed Steven the Seagull or binge watch Netflix, and then find time to study, I guess! 

 Anyway, where were we?

No distractions 

Procrastination is not your friend, so get rid of anything that could be a distraction!  

Set a limit for certain apps on your phone, put it on ‘do not disturb’, turn the TV and shut your bedroom door. Eliminate all of the things that could break your focus and consume your time! Don’t believe us? Get rid of everything else, sign into Kortext and see how much progress you’ll make with your studying than previously thought. 

Create a to-do list. 

Creating a to-do list is really important; it will help you stay on top of tasks and ensure nothing goes forgotten. Write down everything you need to do for the day,  and tick it off one by one.  

Use a calendar 

This ties in with the point above… If you’ve got tasks that are longer term, a calendar will help you to organise your deadlines. A calendar or daily planner is also a great way to set out your day, especially if you have lots of different tasks to split your time between. We recommend One Note, Asana and Trello as virtual planners. 

Get organised 

Getting organised is maybe easier said than done. Little things like saving documents with the right names and putting documents in the right folders will really help you save time in the long run!
Using the Kortext Platform, you can copy and paste directly from the text, keep all of your study notes in one handy place AND export all of your references to a reference platform of your choice with the click of a button!

Treat yo’self 

 Schedule in rewards whilst studying it’s really important, but don’t go too wild with it. How about… 5 minutes of TikTok for every 30 minutes of studying? 

Get enough sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is honestly one of the most important things ever. Your brain is like your phone. It needs power to work, so take enough time to recharge it of a night, or whenever you sleep. We see you, midday nappers, we see you. 

Anyhow… Going to bed at 10pm and starting your studies again in the morning is much more productive than staying up all night attempting to study… it won’t work. 


Trust us, we’ve been there, done that, and got the sleep deprivation. 


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