Kortext offers EDI integration for acquisitions workflows

How Kortext integrates with your workflow

Back in April, we conducted our fourth Annual Librarian Survey. As always, we did this to gauge the thoughts of librarians in higher education, understanding their views on where the sector is, as well as to grasp what their frustrations are. This year we had 81 respondents, an increase of 19.1% versus 2023.

Within this survey we once again looked to understand how we at Kortext could improve our platforms and what we offer, as we also do with our various advisory groups throughout the year. This includes our dedicated Kortext Library Advisory Group, or KLAG.

This year’s survey brought to our attention that there was a belief the Kortext platform didn’t integrate well enough with our customers’ existing library workflows.

Our response to this is a simple one – we can offer you that

This summer, our library workflows were enhanced to feature electronic data interchange, or EDI, significantly improving their versatility. Our Acquisitions Portal can now integrate better with Library Management Systems, such as Alma, creating a much more harmonious and autonomous workflow at both your end and at ours.

When accessing our EDI- and API-enhanced Acquisitions Portal, the communications between it and your LMS allow for a much more accurate quoting process within the former. You now have the opportunity to see pricing and discounts specific to your institution, and can proceed with orders that have firm pricing without the need for intervention at our end.

What’s more, this will allow content to be provisioned significantly quicker than before, with much more of the process being automated. This gets the content you need in front of the users that need it faster and with less hassle.

From a library and acquisitions perspective, we are proud to be able to offer more flexibility than ever before with our integrations. We also will continue to work to be able to offer more in the future.

EDI integration with existing library workflows

Interoperability at the heart of it all

Beyond the integration possibilities of our library workflows, we’re also proud of the overall interoperability of platforms under the larger Kortext umbrella. All of our platforms, from our smart study space to the aforementioned Acquisitions Portal, speak to one another to help deliver the best possible experience for all users.

Our smart study space can have analytics integrated to provide you with detailed insights into how the eBooks you’ve provisioned are being used. You can gain a better understanding of what content is being accessed and use this to make data-driven decisions regarding future acquisitions.

You can be smarter with your budget at a time when the weight of financial pressure on the sector has never felt heavier.

Beyond this, our platforms can be integrated with other innovations such as the StREAM engagement analytics platform. It provides individual insights, helping you to identify at-risk students and deliver proactive interventions at scale, which supports student retention and outcomes, both of which can provide tremendous financial benefit to your institution.

All told, we strive to provide a comprehensive solution here at Kortext – supporting each type of stakeholder and user with everything they need, connected together, all in one place.

Ready to discover more?

If you’d like to know more about how the Kortext platforms and portals can integrate with your workflows, book a discovery call today.

You can also download our Annual Librarian Survey Report white paper. Submit your details via the form on this page to get your free copy and to see the answers to the questions we asked librarians in 2024.

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