Dr. David Kellermann Presenting

Dr. David Kellermann announced as our Summer 21 Webinar’s keynote speaker

Whilst some may have reached webinar fatigue, we can promise that our Summer 21 Webinar will definitely be different from the webinars you’ve been subjected to as of late.

First of all, it’s going to be full of good, summer vibes, which is almost enough to make you want to sign up. If summer isn’t your bag, then Dr David Kellermann will be!

We are incredibly thrilled to share that speaking all the way from Australia, Dr. David Kellermann will be joining our Summer 21 Webinar as our keynote speaker.

About Dr. David Kellermann

Dr. David Kellermann is a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney, in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Specialising in the continuum and computational mechanics of advanced structural materials, David is the course co-ordinator and lecturer for the largest foundational first and second-year engineering subjects; incredibly, teaching over 1,000 students each year.

Dr. Kellermann is a pioneer in not only engineering but in digital learning too.

As a superuser of Microsoft Teams at the peak of the pandemic in March 2020, Dr. Kellermann wrote:

For 3 years now I have worked on a digital education system that allows accessible, engaged and personal learning experiences whether a student is on campus or remote.

After implementing Microsoft Teams at UNSW, Dr. Kellerman managed to successfully transform the classroom and learning experience by creating a Teams channel for each week of the course. This was an essential task; with classes of more than 500 students, it was important to change the regular class delivery to a more modern, collaborative experience.

With students come questions, leading Dr. Kellermann to look towards a technological solution.

Dr. Kellerman implemented QBot, an AI created by Antares (a Cloud Collective partner), that integrated into Teams.

QBot would find the student’s specific tutor and tag them into the Teams chat, to ensure no question went unanswered. As each question was answered, it was shared with the channel to avoid duplicate questions.

As well as this, Dr. Kellermann uses QR codes, digital notebooks and more to integrate digital into teaching and learning – and we are very much looking forward to him sharing this with us on Tuesday 8th June.

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